Nechells is an area in inner-city Birmingham, with a population of 27,969 (as of 2001). It is also a ward within the formal district of Ladywood. Nechells includes parts of the city centre. It is adjacent to Saltley.


Nechells became a densely populated area during the 19th century, with mass development of houses and factories taking place. Mass immigration occurred from Ireland.

After World War II, further immigration occurred from parts of the Commonwealth, mostly the West Indies and the Indian Sub Continent.

By the 1950s, however, many of the homes in Nechells had been reduced to "slums" and were unfit for human habitation. People were living in homes without electricity, running water, bathrooms or indoor toilets. The Gas Works caused a continuous unpleasant smell.

The face of Nechells changed dramatically during the 1960s, with the decaying Victorian terraces being cleared and the area redeveloped with new houses and tower blocks. Some families remained in the new homes that had been built around Nechells, but there weren't enough new homes to rehouse all of the area's original residents, and as a result some families moved to new housing estates like Castle Vale and Chelmsley Wood. The new homes were certainly a big improvement on their predecessors, but if anything the Nechells area became worse.

Since the 1980s, Urban Renewal has seen many of the postwar houses and flats around Nechells demolished to make way for new low-rise homes, which are a mix of private and rented tenure.


The 2001 Population Census found that 27,969 people lived in the ward with a population density of 3,015 people per km² compared with 3,649 people per km² for Birmingham. 62.6% (17,142) of the ward's population consists of ethnic minorities compared with 29.6% for Birmingham.

Whilst it is notable in Birmingham for being the area with the highest rate of unemployment, crime and poverty, it has been the focus of a great deal of urban regeneration by Birmingham City Council and the former Birmingham Heartlands Development Corporation.


* White - 10,284 (37.42%)
* Black - 2,644 (9.65%)
* Asian - 12,700 (46.38%)
* Chinese or Other - 539 (1.97%)
* Mixed Race - 1,018 (4.60%)

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