Cracked Actors

Cracked Actors formed in Sept. 1999 as a seven piece, and became their present nine piece by late 2000.

The Actors are played by: -

2 Tall Tim a.k.a. Tim Bamford the Yorkshire Massive, on keyboards and didgeridoo and vocals.

Fudge a.k.a. Paul Rudge on lead vocals, a die-hard Brummie punk from time, previous band include Generator and Colour Climax.
Ras Lionel Bard a.k.a. Kez Carpenter ( Rasta Fe True!) is the other lead vocalist in this dual assault on the senses. RLB’s previous bands include Acid Rain and Spiral Headcase.

Johnny 2 Bad a.k.a. John Peyton on rhythm guitar and vocals from the west coast of Ireland claims to be a social revolutionary, (keep your eye on this one).

Skipper George a.k.a. Ming the Merciless a.k.a. Mickey Green on lead guitar, previous bands include Sun Tonic and The Immaculates, also currently playing in an offshoot of the Actors, Billy Bud.

Bass Driver a.k.a. John O’Byrn, bass player born in Limerick in Ireland, a top fella soon to become a dad for the first time (look for stress and worry lines startin’ to appear). Previously played with Johnny and the Mantra’s.

Malcolm X a.k.a. Mal O’Connor on tenor saxophone has gigged with Sam Brown, and Papa Sax, from The Beat. Previous bands include I Lab and The Alibis.

J.B. a.k.a. The Rt. Hon. Jonathan Baskerville, and Tim Drum a.k.a. Tim Johnson, Are the beating heart of Skunkrock; we have 2 drummers as one would probably die from heart failure playing the full set. J.B. has been in many bands but none he’ll admit to. Tim Drum has drummed in loadsa bands including Sister Automatic and Virus who released on Graduate Records; Tim is an old school punk and also drummer with Billy Bud.

Joint Influences; Bob Marley, David Bowie, Trojan and Two Tone Ska, Reggae, Punk, Beethoven and Rizzla.

Bands Played with; The Beat, Selector, Bad Manners, G.B.H., Inner Terrestrials, P.A.I.N., The Splitters, Banco De Gaia (at The Green Roadshow in the Circus Croissante-Neuf, Glastonbury Festival,) Think, The London Swingphonia featuring Harry Martin, Top Cats, and Shikoya, (at Lost Vagueness Cabaret Ballroom, Glastonbury Festival 2004),

Best Gigs; Supporting The Beat at their first reform Gig in Birmingham at the Market Tavern, Digbeth. (feb 2003), Smeatharpe Free Festy, (june 2003), Glastonbury Festival 2004 in The Green Roadshow in the Circus Croissante-Neuf, and in The Lost Vagueness Cabaret Ballroom.

Worst Gigs: - When the P.A. was shagged at a benefit gig so we couldn’t play, but we went back two months later with our own rig and we nailed it.

Funny Moments; Breaking in and out of Free Festivals and Squats to play live !!?? Believe !!

Disasters: - Not Quite! We went to Bristol to play a gig at a free ‘Squat Party’ that got raided by 50 coppers in riot gear before the party had even got started. Fortunately the ‘Squatters’ and the ‘band’ were game, so the front doors were barricaded by the squatters and as the police tried to batter their way in through the barricade we all sneaked out of the back door in small groups and escaped via a building site next to the squat. We emerged safe to find the street in front of the squat full of fifty riot police and about three hundred hopeful partygoers waiting for the party to get started.

Future Plans; To have the term ‘Skunkrocker’ included in the Oxford English Dictionary as a genre of Ska music. To release ‘Flowers’ and ‘Captive on 12’’ vinyl, and do some short British and European tours. To release a film about our experiences at Glastonbury Festival 2004, ‘discovering the underbelly of the festival’. To get tunes from our first two albums remixed by various D.J.’s and then release them as a third album before releasing our new album that we have just started work on

Albums Titles To Date: - ‘Skunkrocker’ released in May 2001 and ‘Bard For Life’ released in April 2003 on Bard For Life Records.

Website and Contact Details;, e-mail; moc.liamtoh|rekcorknuks#moc.liamtoh|rekcorknuks, moc.srotcadekcarc|murdmit#moc.srotcadekcarc|murdmit , moc.srotcadekcarc|mitllat2#moc.srotcadekcarc|mitllat2 , or moc.srotcadekcarc|zek#moc.srotcadekcarc|zek , phone numbers: - 2 Tall Tim – 01215330400 or 07739210849, Ras Lionel Bard – 07791942736, Tim Drum 07939639647.

Contact address: - 56, Auckland Road,
Nr Birmingham,
West Midlands,
B67 7AU.

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