Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist Meditation classes - East Birmingham: Shard End
Wed 3rd Jun '09 - Wed 8th Jul '09
7:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Shard End, East Birmingham
Class Cost: £5
Course Cost: £30
Course Online: £25
Meditation classes - practical methods to reduce stress and unhappiness.

Shard End class - Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm.

Shard End Community Centre, 170 Packington Avenue, Shard End, Birmingham. B34 7RD

This six week series of meditation classes will present Buddhist wisdom on how to live a happy and meaningful life.
Each class includes guided meditations which relax and still the mind. There will also be a talk on how to become more familiar with positive states of mind in daily life and thereby let go of some of the unhelpful thoughts and attitudes which disturb our inner peace.
Each class will also include a discussion and an opportunity to stay behind for refreshments afterwards if you wish.

The classes are suitable for beginners and people with meditation experience alike. The only qualification you need to come to the class is a wish to find greater inner peace! Each class is self contained so you can drop in on any class and do not have to attend the whole series.

Participants sit on chairs and no physical exercise is involved so there is no need to wear special clothing or bring anything with you.

For more information, try out a class or contact the centre on 0121 373 1261 or e-mail gro.mahgnimriBnIetatideM|dniwnu#gro.mahgnimriBnIetatideM|dniwnu

Week 1: (2nd-5th June) - Inner Freedom - giving

Week 2: (9th-11th June) - Mindfulness in daily life

Week 3: (16th -18th June) - Inner strength

Week 4: -(23rd-25th June) - Joyful effort - building and sustaining an enjoyable meditation practice

Week 5: (30th June-2nd July) - The peace of concentration

Week 6: (7th July-9th July) - Living wisely

Booking not necessary, however, if you book for the entire series online - you get one week free.

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